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Best Diving Masks Ireland

A diving mask is an essential component of diving equipment and helps all types of divers to see clearly underwater when undertaking diving activities.

Diving masks can cover the full face or just half and can be used by free divers, scuba divers and snorkelers too.

Here are the best diving masks.

  1. DasMeer Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Best Action Camera Compatible Diving Mask

Size: S-XL | Material: Silicone | Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Pink

  • 180° sea view mask
  • Action camera mount
  • Double air flow channels

This diving mask is ideal for those who want to record their underwater adventures as it comes complete with an action camera mount.

This full-face diving mask allows users to enjoy 180° sea views and has a double airflow channel to avoid mixed air and the mask fogging up.

  1. Cressi Calibro Professional Scuba Diving Freediving Mask

Best Anti-Fogging Technology Diving Mask

Size: One Size | Material: Tempered Glass, Rubber | Colour: Black

  • IDF-INTEGRATED dual-frame anti-fogging technology
  • Hydrodynamic shape
  • Patented nose membrane

This diving mask from Cressi Calibro is made with IDF-INTEGRATED dual-frame anti-fogging technology to ensure a clear view underwater every time you dive.

The patented nose membrane helps to avoid moisture getting trapped around the nose which can further create fogging too.

The hydrodynamic shape helps you to glide through the water more easily as well.

  1. X99 Snorkel Mask

Top Anti Leak Diving Mask

Size: XS-XL | Material: Silicone | Colour: Dual Multi Colour Options

  • Suitable for a range of ages
  • Odourless silicone anti-leak design
  • Snap-on elastic band easy on and off fit

This X99 snorkel and diving mask is suitable for a range of ages, so kids and adults can use it too.

Made from odourless silicone, this diving mask is specially designed to be anti-leak and anti-fog, so you can dive uninterrupted and with confidence.

The snap-on elastic band helps make this diving mask easy to get on and off too.

  1. JRing Full Face Snorkel Mask

Best Wide View Diving Mask

Size: S-M | Material: Silicone | Colour: Black

  • Panoramic underwater views
  • Medical grade silicone close fit
  • Easy breath dual airflow channels

This JRing diving mask offers crisp and clear panoramic underwater views, so you can enjoy exploring the sea without interruption.

Made from medical-grade silicone, this diving mask fits comfortably close to the face and is easy to breathe through thanks to its dual airflow channels.

  1. Karvipark Dry Snorkel Set

Top Adjustable and Comfortable Diving Mask

Size: One Size | Material: Silicone | Colour: Multi-Colour

  • Lightweight with adjustable straps
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Hypoallergenic silicone

This diving mask from Karvipark is lightweight and comfortable to wear, made from hypoallergenic food-grade silicone.

You can easily adjust the straps to fit your head and snorkel if desired and the tempered glass helps to give you the clearest underwater view possible.

  1. Yerloa Snorkel Set

Best Foldable and Portable Diving Mask Choice

Size: One Size | Material: Silicone, Tempered Glass | Colour: Black

  • Folds up into carry bag
  • Ultra transparent lenses
  • Quick-release snorkel

This Yerloa diving mask is easy to take on the move with you and folds up into the included carry bag.

The ultra-transparent lenses mean you can enjoy a better underwater view and the quick release snorkel helps you separate the mask and snorkel quickly when required.

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