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Best Kids Ball Pools Ireland 2021

Ball pits or pools are one of the best gifts you could give to your child. Aside from the fact that they are fun and colourful structures, these things can help teach the importance of personal space to your kids.

If you still haven’t gotten one of these for your babies, you can start by looking through this list of amazing ball pools.


Soft Foam Ball Pit for Babies and Toddlers


The smallest ball pool for your babies.


Dimensions: 90x30cm  | Colour: Mint Green | Capacity: 2 Children | Shape: Round


+ Soft surfaces for comfortable playtimes

+ Rounded shape keeps the balls from falling out

+ The unzippable material makes it easy to clean

- There are no balls included


This rounded ball pool may be small, but it can still provide enough space for your kids to play in. The round shape keeps the balls from going out all the time, and the soft surfaces are gentle for children’s skin.

You can also remove the outer material by unzipping it, making it easy to clean along with your other household items. The only flaw with this item is that it doesn’t come with extra balls, but other than that, this is a good starting ball pit for your child.


Likorlove Kids’ Ball Pit Tent


A small sports centre for your kids.


Dimensions: 119.38x71.12x38.1cm | Colour: Pink | Capacity: 2 Children | Shape: Hexagon


+ Foldable and easy-to-manage structure

+ It comes with 400 multi-coloured balls

+ It has a small ring to shoot the plastic balls in

- Insufficient ball count


If you don’t mind the bright colours, this ball pool is perfect. The pool has a built-in plastic ring your kids can shoot the balls in, which is perfect for practising their accuracy.

It is also foldable, making it easy to manage and clean.


VKTY Baby Ball Pit Pool


The best foldable ball pool.


Dimensions: 80x80x26cm | Colour: Pink, Grey | Capacity: 2 Children | Shape: Round


+ Made of sturdy and wear-resistant oxford cloth material

+ It can be folded to a portable size for easier storage

+ Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

- You need to buy the balls separately


When it comes to foldability, nothing stands a chance against this ball pool. You can easily carry it around your bag, but once it’s unfolded, it is spacious enough to hold 2 children at a time.

The materials consist of premium oxford cloth, making it sturdy and wear-resistant for the long run. All that’s left to buy is a bunch of plastic balls, and this thing will easily excite your kids.


KiddyMoon Baby Foam Ball Pit


For those looking for a space-saving ball pool.


Dimensions: 90x90x30cm | Colour: Various | Capacity: 2 Children | Shape: Quarter Circle


+ Space-saving quarter circle design

+ Amazing colour options

+ The material is durable and easy to maintain

- It is not that stable


If you’re looking for space-saving options, this one is the best pick for you.

It has a quarter circle design, which means you can easily place it on any corner in your home.

It is still spacious enough to hold 2 kids, and of course, the balls that come along with it. Overall, this is an excellent ball pit that any child would love.


Tweepsy Foam Ball Pit


The best square ball pit you will find.


Dimensions: 90x90x40cm | Colour: Grey | Capacity: 2 Children | Shape: Square


+ It has a deep and wide space for kids up to 4 years old

+ It comes with 250 multi-coloured balls

+ The soft structure can protect your children from sudden impacts

- Easy to get deformed


If you’re looking for a unique design, a square ball pit might do the trick for you. This one is bigger compared with the other items in this list, allowing kids up to 4 years old to play in it.

It is also deeper, which means it can hold more balls for your children to play with. The soft structure is good for cushioning impacts, but you have to handle it with care since it’s easy to deform.


Selonis Play Tent Ball Pit


A premium ball pool you can get for a decent price.


Dimensions: 43x32x25cm | Colour: Various | Capacity: 3 Children | Shape: Hexagon


+ The enclosed structure protects your kids and the balls from going out

+ It comes in different colour options

+ The material is soft and safe for children’s skin

- Some reviews point out manufacturing issues


This ball pool is perfect if you want to overly secure your child while he or she is playing. Instead of an open area, kids can enjoy rolling around in this enclosed structure that keeps the balls from flying away.

This mini-play pen is foldable, and you can easily set it up and put it away any time you want.

The best thing about it is the price range, which despite its quality, is still affordable compared with its competitors.

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