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Best Pool Tables for Kids Reviews

Pool tables are fantastic fun for kids and their families and you can easily spend a few hours pool-hustling with your kids, until they start beating you.
Here are a few suggestions for your first or your next family pool table:

1. Covington Billiard

A mixture of antique wood and modern polish

Size: 8 feet
Accessories: triangle rack, ball set, brush
Cloth: camel wood-blend
Frame Material: steel

• Easy to assemble
• Made from durable material
• A superbly level playing surface

• Quite heavy

This table stands a bit taller than the standard ones but offers no inconvenience to the players.
Taller clients will find the surface more accessible and easier on the back and shoulders.
Due to its sturdy wooden legs, it allows for the occasional leaning on during play. Its antique wood and polished finish express elegance and exhume confidence.
Professional players will find the wide playing surface distinctly appealing, not to mention the topping cloth's smoothness.
When you add the one-inch Dur-A-Bond play surface, the game gets better.

2. Gamesson Harvard Pool Table

Full-size indoor fun

Size: 6 or 7 feet
Accessories: pool cues, triangle, balls; spots and stripes
Construction: wood veneer
Frame Material: medium bond fiberboard

• Leg adjustment for leveling
• Automatic ball recall
• Hidden pockets

• a little light

It’s even green baize playing bed allows smooth rolling of balls. The design comes with hidden pockets, which give it an elegant look.
A more advanced automatic ball reclaiming feature makes every game enjoyable.
Compared to other varieties, the Gamesson 7-foot model weighs in at 60 kg, making it the lightest.
On the other hand, the 8-foot design weighs only 22 kilograms more, and thus the two are easier to move around as the need arises.
Although the table comes in parts, the assembly is relatively straightforward and comes with clear cut directions.
The accompanying accessories enable clients to start gaming immediately.

3. Omega 2.0

A versatile gaming table

Size: 6 or 7 feet
Accessories: foam cleaner, six chalk blocks, table brush
Cloth: Kingswood
Frame Material: solid hardwood

• Comes in several wood varieties
• Free play and coin-operated varieties
• Has lots of options to choose

• The slate has less than usual cushioning

The beauty of the Omega 2.0 is its versatility. It includes both free play options and the more entertaining coin play mechanism.
The coin mechanism type is available in two varieties; mechanical and electrical versions.
The prices vary depending on the type of wood that makes the table, and thus clients can choose from a wide variety.
Improvements on the top frame and corners have made the play bed more accessible and accommodating.
Additionally, the play area is designed to meet tournament requirements and offers a thick and responsive cushioned layer.
When a game is over, all balls collect to one side for an easy rematch.

4. Mightymast Speedster

A futuristic model of gameplay

Size: 7 feet
Accessories: pool balls, dust cover
Cloth: wool mix
Frame Material: veneer wood

• Waterproof material
• Great for tournaments
• Precise slate bed

• A Very high price tag

The modern full-size Mightymast is a professional table designed to add some glamour to the game.
It includes a top secured with hinges that can be lifted easily for manoeuvring and installation.
A superior quality cloth neatly fitted onto a cushioned play bed sets the surface for a smooth and eccentric play.
The designers installed rubbers on the slate sides to increase ball response and adjustable height levelers for an even playground.
As a 7-foot English style gaming table, it outdoes its peers by far owing to its model configured for speed and efficiency.

5. Mizerak Donovan

A modern model and design

Size: 8 feet
Accessories: 16 balls, chalk, triangle
Cloth: wool blend
Frame Material: metal

• Slate or slatron models available
• Durable cloth surface
• Comes with felt installed

• A heavy table

Standing at 31 inches high with a 55-inch-wide top, the Mizerak is a superb option for home entertainment.
The cloth, cabinet and chrome-infused corners combine to offer a sturdy gaming base.
The k66 rubber fitted to the side rails accommodates predictable ball rebounds for more exciting gameplay.
The rubber prevents balls from running over but also ensures smooth rebounds.
The more futuristic-minded players will find the option for attaching internal drop pockets
instead of the standard ones very appealing.

6. Harvil Bellagio

A favourite for the professionals

Size: 8 feet
Accessories: shaker bottle, maple cues, triangle
Cloth: wool-nylon mixture
Frame Material: wood

• A level playing bed
• Sturdy table legs
• Anti-scratch cabinet

• Difficult to assemble

For professional players, the Harvil stands out as an excellent acquisition.
Despite its high price, it offers excellent playing mechanics.
Its custom-made claw stands offer immense rigidity to prevent shakes and movements during play.
The design provides more than just aesthetics by providing a cushioned slate that dampens the bouncing of balls, which could easily ruin a game.
With two tabletop options, clients can pick their favourite to suit their pockets and preferences.
The gaming table is ideal for medium or large spaces with a minimum length of 8 feet and a width of 4.5 feet.

7. Radley Vintage

The multi-gaming tabletop

Size: 6 feet
Accessories: Triangle, chalk, brush
Cloth: leather
Frame Material: wood

• Has leather drop pockets
• Suitable accessories
• Adjustable table stands

• Smaller than standard models

The Radley is the most versatile pool table that accommodates more than one game.
At an additional fee, clients can acquire an extra table tennis top or a reversible one to have several table sports in one.
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The design follows an exquisite American billiard model.
Its height adjustment capability provides room for leveling the surface when the floor is not even.
The manual and accessories that come with the purchase make it easy for players to get started immediately without buying additional tools.
The play bed is covered with professional-grade cushions to ensure players get a professional experience.
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